July Movie Night DTLA: Bedknobs n Broomsticks

every month i host a movie night at my condo

and i thought id expand it to my filmmaker friends

and this month - yes im going there



first fridays of the month @8pm (i might switch it to 9pm if 8 is too early)


so this month jul7 its gonna be the classic BEDKNOBS n BROOMSTICKS directed by robert stevenson


dont tell me you dont have great memories of this movie

ok - well if you born in this millenium youve prob never heard of it - you get a pass

but its still worth a try and with a great female lead back in the day -

to remind us that even then we were fighting the good fight


bring a bowl for popcorn and drink some coffee

cause the chairs kick back and are super cushy

adult beverages are welcome






street parking which at that time of the week is terrible unless you are handicapped 

i would suggest taking metro to the little tokyo station and my building is right across the street

from pasadena its literally 20 mins (yeah - faster than driving…)


call me on the box when you get here

cuz if youve never been here to watch a movie youll never find me



if we are motivated - drinks at the far bar!

Friday, July 7, 2017 - 8:00pm
Signups: 1 / 15