Mastermind Brunch

Come for the food + mimosas, stay for the insight!

After everyone grabs some good eats + drinks, we will go around in a circle one by one. Each person will say what she’s most excited about working toward right now. This could be general or specific and relate to either a current project, long-term career vision or a movement in the industry that she would like to see gain momentum. (Just bring in whatever your next “big goal” is!)

Each person will also state whatever it is that she is most struggling with in this moment as she is working toward that goal. I want to create a space where everyone can be truly vulnerable with each other and reveal this in a way that feels completely safe and supportive. (You can also simply ask the group for feedback on something or bring up a topic you have questions about - totally up to you - whatever you think could benefit from the brainpower of a group of smart + talented women!)

After each person speaks, the entire group will brainstorm solutions to help that person break through her current block/make progress on her goal. 

After we go around once, we’ll go back around the circle and each person will say one insight/resource/idea/strategy that has worked for her that she wishes she had known about sooner/that she thinks would really help others in the group. It could be as simple as a piece of wisdom, a book, a podcast, a quote, a video, a course, a technique, etc…get creative! 

Hope you can join :)! 

**I will be hosting at my place in Echo Park and will provide food/drink - but you are encouraged to bring more if you like!**

Sunday, February 26, 2017 - 11:00am
Signups: 8 / 12