Screenwriting in Sequences

Yes, it's true, there is no magic formula, or equation that will equal a solid, structured screenplay.  BUT, there are so many tools, so many ways to help your brain, and the story get organized as you discover more about your protaganist/s.  I was lucky enough to study with some firecracker writers and teachers at Columbia's School of the Arts, and pulled all the pieces that worked for me, and have continued to work for me.  And in the past when teaching my hodgepdge method, it became clear that all writers/new writers/professional writers can find some clarity in sequencing.  I'm based in NY, so come "hangout" with me, and we'll go through the breakdown and theory of why 8 sequences are a pretty perfect number for a feature screenplay.  And why David Lynch still uses sequencing!  Oh, and Joan Didion too. (PS. Class will be at 11:45AM PST!)



Saturday, September 19, 2015 - 11:45am
2 hours
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