Re-Write Your Bio and Get Noticed

You need a bio. I need a bio. Everyone needs a bio.

But is yours really working for you?

Whether you are submitting for film festivals, grants, a job or need one for your website, your press package or online review, I'll show you some fun tips and tricks to make it stronger and we will re-write yours during our evening together.

Delighting in the art of the writing bio's, mastering the 25 word, 50 word, 100 word and 500 word bio and rewriting hundreds of people's personal achievement statements through the years, I am inspired to help after reading bad bios submitted by talented women.

Bring your an appetizer/snack, your printed bio and a laptop/iPad/writing instrument to craft up an eye-catching new bio. Let's make this world a prettier place.

Thursday, August 6, 2015 - 7:00pm
2 hours
Signups: 5 / 8