Let's Edit Your Directing Reel on FCP 7 or Premiere

Do you have a pile of footage lying around and need to put it on a reel?  This will be a crazy experiment....let's use a Film Powered class to make a reel for you!

You absolutely need an editor for your films.  But you won't have to keep bugging your editor friends for favors to make your reels.  Even though we love you and totally will.

In this class, we'll first discuss what makes a good director's reel.     Then I'll teach you how to set up a project in FCP 7 and/or Premiere, how to import your footage, lay down a basic timeline, and make title cards with your name and number.  We can even drop music in and if you want some transitions like dissolves or swish pans, no problem!  And at the end of class, I'll walk you through the exporting process and how to upload to Vimeo or Youtube - all with the correct specs!

For this class, all I ask is that you come with your footage already on a hard drive (if you need help with transfers I can suggest some ways to prep) and your video and music selects already made.  If you've got a laptop with your editing footage loaded onto it, great - bring it along!  I'll have some extra laptops available too.


I'm Laura Somers, I've been a professional editor for 8 years cutting mostly reality tv, sizzles, films, and commercials.  I'm also a director.   Hands down, the best thing I ever did for myself as a director (before I became an editor) was to learn how to edit.

Saturday, August 15, 2015 - 10:00am
4 hours
Signups: 4 / 6