What Readers Want: Major Pitfalls When Submitting Your Writing and How to Avoid Them

Ever want insight into the mind of the script reader? Professional screenplay reader Miranda Sajdak will go over some of the major, frequent flaws she sees in screenplays from writers at all levels - and how to avoid them.

Also gain insight into some basic ways to polish your work before you even send your script out into the world, and how to make your reader very, very happy. Whether you're a first time writer, a novelist looking to make your work adaptable, or have sold in the past, these tips are sure to be valuable in your writing journey.

The class will tackle:

  • Reader (and development exec) pet peeves
  • What readers love
  • The top contests you should be entering (and how to assess your options)
  • Additional suggestions for reading material to help you on your own writing quest to the top!

What to bring: any and all questions or concerns about your current work. The first 3-5 pages of something you're working on now. If there's time at the end, we'll aim to read through and deconstruct those pages with what we've learned in class!

Miranda currently reads for Walden Media, Amazon Studios, GG Filmz, and Lighthouse Entertainment, and is a founding member of Script Chix, where she reads for private clients. In the past, she has done script coverage for QED, Practical Pictures, Bold Films, Winnie Holzman, and in contests for Tracking Board and Screen Craft. 

Class will be held at a coffee shop in the Hollywood area. Location has been set!

So if you didn't receive an email about it, reach out to me and I'll let you know where we'll be meeting. Thank you! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015 - 3:00pm
2 hours
Signups: 6 / 8