Visualization & Hypnosis for Making Movies and other Goals

Living in LA we are innundated with all this woo-woo 'visualization' stuff.  Do you have your visualization board? Are you doing those mantras?  Well good.  If not, let's get that party started.  Having been a certified hypnotherapist since the writer's strike 'inspired' me to gain another skill, I can difinitively report that visualizing goals-- and desensitizing yourself to any negative reactions you might  have to your goals-- is incredibly effective.  And doing that visualization in a group is more fun, healing, and powerful for reasons we don't quite understand.  You don't even have to tell us what your goals are-- privacy from you hardworking introverts is totally welcome.  Over-sharing from you fabulous extroverts is also very welcome.  We will take imagery journeys (that's right Dorothy, buckle up) and I will teach you self-hypnosis so you can ditch any subconscious blocks to success and get on with it.  Finish that screenplay, make those dreaded phone calls, get financing, even find that super sexy, soulful, supportive life partner.  Bring in whatever it is you desire and we will make the unknown known, lift the veil off those pesky subconscious blocks, stop delaying and procrastinating and get this thing done.  


A native of Montana, Kristin attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and became a Master Hypnostist, Certified Hypnotherapist and Imagery Facilitator at The Hypnosis Motivation Institute specializing in fear of flying and goal achievement.   She is a member of the American Hypnosis Association and an 18 year member of the WGA.  Kristin has worked as a screenwriter, filmmaker and journalist and is happy to report that hypnosis is a fantastic solution for writer’s block.

Kristin wrote and directed the short film  "Feeding Baudelaire" which premiered at the 2010 Palm Springs Shortfest and she is in post with her first feature entitled "Gala & Godfrey  The Classics".     

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 7:00pm
2 hours
Signups: 17 / 18