Producing 101

I have taught Producing for the past three years.  If you want to know the basics in contracts, actor/SAG agreements, locations, permits, insurance, budgets, schedules, equipment, etc., then let's meet.  Take notes, because I will impart what I know as quickly as you can write.  We may meet or do a conference call where I will send everyone paperwork and a syllabus (before the class) and we will go over in detail.  You will be amazed at everything you will retain.  And I have never minded sharing the contracts and agreements that I have.  They have been approved by my attorney.  Let's PRODUCE!  If it goes well, we can do it once a month.


Saturday, July 11, 2015 - 12:00pm
3 hours
Signups: 10 / 10
Class is full!