Rehearsing for the Feature Film

As we all know, performances can make or break a feature film.  Once you've assembled a killer cast, how do you make sure they deliver their A-game on shoot day with the director's vision in mind?  This can be one of the most challenging and exciting aspects of pre-production.  This class will explore the following topics-  rehearsing with your leads when others roles are still uncast, rehearsing with actors in separate geographic locations, building chemistry with your cast, and rehearsing on location.  Writer, director, producer, Valerie Weiss, has directed two feature films- Losing Control, a quirky romantic comedy about a female scientist who wants proof that her boyfriend is "the one" starring Miranda Kent, Reid Scott, Kathleen Robertson and Lin Shaye, and most recently, a coming-of-age drama called A Light Beneath Their Feet, starring Taryn Manning, Madison Davenport, Maddie Hasson, Carter Jenkins, Kurt Fuller and Nora Dunn.  A Light Beneath Their Feet was cast in Los Angeles, and shot on location in Chicago. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 11:00am
2 hours
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