Acting for Directors

This is a class especially for film and TV directors who have never been actors.
Others who are interested are welcome to join.

A general outline of the class:

  • Short Talk: I will teach some basic acting techniques. 
  • Mock Audition: You will be given scenes to work on and then do cold reads. I will give notes. The auditions will be recorded.
  • Viewing and Wrap-up: The group will watch the audition footage to learn and for fun. We will discuss casting of the roles.

There may be a part B to this in the future depending on interest.

The reason for this class is to give filmmakers who have never acted first hand experience of what it is like to be in the hot seat. You will experience the vulnerability and other things that an actor goes though. This may give you a better way to work with your cast and/or auditions. It should help you develop a language needed to work with actors.

About Nancy Friedman:

Working in Los Angeles, Nancy teaches acting classes to adults, teens, and children while also working as a private acting coach.  She currently teaches at Los Angeles City College and "The Playground", an acting conservatory for kids and teens. With a background in acting, casting, and filmmaking, she brings her students experience from both sides of the camera.  And as a passionate teacher, she has developed a teaching style that integrates techniques and tools that help students unlock their creative potential and bring their characters to life.  Nancy has directed ten narrative shorts and worked as a casting director for independent features and shorts.  She is also a two-time Hollywood Foreign Press Award recipient and a member of The Alliance of Women Directors. 


Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 2:00pm
3 hours
Signups: 6 / 20