Finding, Choosing & Hiring A DP - Panel & Mixer

Co-Presented by Alliance of Women DirectorsInternational Collective of Female Cinematographers and Light Iron this event will feature a moderated panel discussion and q&a with feature film directors Trish Sie (PITCH PERFECT 3) and Lexi Alexander (PUNISHER:WAR ZONE), Producer Romell Foster-Owens (FIRST LOVE) and Cinematographers Sandra Valde-Hansen (WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD) and Nancy Schreiber, ASC (MAPPLETHORPE), only woman to receive the ASC President's Award. Panel will be moderated by Jen McGowan (KELLY & CAL). Topic of discussion will include: the finding, upselling and hiring of cinematographers.  

The goal of this event is to help DPs better understand what goes into their selection and hiring, to introduce Producers & Directors to women DPs and to get Producers & Directors to better understand how to look at & frame DPs work so they can get women DPs greenlit more often.

After the panel there will be a mixer where drinks will be provided.  ICFC DP reels will be played on a loop in the background at the venue.

Everyone in attendance will be given color-coded name tags at the door and asked to wear them to facilitate networking.  Color coding will reflect filmmaker’s primary role of Director, DP, Producer or Other. 

As with all Film Powered events no guests are permitted.  You must rsvp to attend.  Admittance will be permitted by checking names against the rsvp list.

Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 7:00pm
3 hours
Signups: 35 / 40