Anti Workshop with Brandon Henry Rodriguez

An alternative to the drama of the pay-to-play workshop world! In this relaxed evening of open conversation, host and working actor Jessica Martin will interview Brandon Henry Rodriguez on his experiences as a casting director over the past few years in LA. The goal of the evening is to enlighten actors to the internal workings of the casting process, to breakdown the heirarchy we create in our minds about this process and to focus more on what we can do that will actually make a difference "in the room."

About Brandon:

Casting director Brandon Henry Rodriguez began his journey as an actor on the east coast. Shortly after booking a lead role in the CBS Movie of the Week, “Vampire Bats,” he landed a recurring spot on the NBC series, “Surface.” Brandon’s success on the east coast prompted his pilgrimage to Los Angeles, where he continued to book spots on television, features, and national commercials. 
Along the way, he uncovered an intuitive understanding of the actor's psyche, a keen business acumen, and a distinct artistic perspective, prompting him to parlay his experience into the casting world. Brandon's first job in casting was casting assistant for FX's "Wilfred." He quickly moved up to associate, earning credits on projects for FOX Digital Studios ("Shotgun Wedding"), MTV (“Awkward”), The CW (“The 100”), Legendary Entertainment ("The Thinning"), SpectreVision ("The Greasy Strangler" & "Bitch"), and several network pilots.
In 2015, he earned his first casting director credit on the independent feature "Day Six," after which he quickly established himself in the indie features world. His casting director credits include "The Other Place," written and directed by Eric Bress, "Shotgun," written and directed by Hannah Marks and Joey Power, and "Virtual High" (Disney Digital Pilot), among others. "Dog Years," a feature that Rodriguez cast in 2016, was a 2017 official selection at the TriBeCa Film Festival, and was recently picked up for distribution by A24 ("Moonlight"). Rodriguez is currently a casting director on the FOX series "Lethal Weapon."

We'll hear about specific instances from his experience that shape how he sees the casting process "from the other side of the table." We'll talk topics like star meter, drop offs, agent pitches, workshops and more. Plan to give your personal "elevator pitch" or log line and get feedback on your current headshot options too. A few days before the event, Jessica will take questions from the attendees to help guide the night to be most insightful for everyone. One thing we will NOT do is cold reads or prepared reads or sides of any kind! We're all approaching this evening as potential collaborators who are coming together to hear about an individual's experiences in casting offices and take away what works for each of us.

Location: DTLA. $10 parking in the building, $7 parking across the street, OR Pershing Square is 3 blocks you could always take the subway there!!

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 7:00pm
2 hours
Signups: 10 / 15