Nuts & Bolts Personal Budgeting with a Financial Advisor

***This is a Personal Budgeting for creative lifestyles class, not a film production budgeting class.

We simply cannot expect to reach our financial goals if we don’t know exactly where we are starting from. This single session workshop focuses on helping you start tracking your income and expenses in a way that makes sense for artists and creative professionals who don’t always earn and spend the same way each month. You will learn how to stop guessing and really get specific about the ways in which money moves in and out of your life.

Workshop Taught by Financial Advisor and Career Actor, Miata Edoga.

The workshop is free, confidential and open to all professionals in performing arts and entertainment.  

I have taken this class and it is one that jumpstarted my focussed handling of my creative money flow, creative time, and long-term and short-term creative goal achievements.  Miata's teaching style is experiential, conversational lecturing with loads of support documents, examples, and an actively participating class.  This class is funded through the Actors Fund, an organization we should all get to know.   Miata has reserved 5 seats exclusively for film powered women because the classes book full most sessions.

Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 1:00pm
2 hours
Signups: 5 / 6