The Anti-workshop for Actors with guest Amanda Richards

An alternative to the drama of the pay-to-play workshop world! In this relaxed evening of open conversation, host and working actor Meredith Riley Stewart will interview Amanda Richards on her experiences as a casting associate over the past few years in LA. The goal of the evening is to enlighten actors to the internal workings of the casting process, to breakdown the heirarchy we create in our minds about this process and to focus more on what we can do that will actually make a difference "in the room."

After working as the assistant to agent Craig Holzberg at Avalon Artists, Amanda transitioned into casting and has found a home at Sony where she assists in Dawn Steinberg's office. Amanda continues to cast projects indpendently as well, including indie features, shorts and web series. Amanda in an Emerson College alumna.

We'll hear about specific instances from her experience that shape how she sees the casting process "from the other side of the table." We'll talk topics like star meter, drop offs, agent pitches, workshops and more. A few days before the event, Meredith will take questions from the attendees to help guide the night to be most insightful for everyone. One thing we will NOT do is cold reads or prepared reads or sides of any kind! We're all approaching this evening as potential collaborators who are coming together to hear about an individual's experiences in casting offices and take away what works for each of us.

Location: 610 S. Main St in DTLA. $10 parking in the building, $7 parking across the street, FREE parking under Pershing Square 3 blocks away...or you could always take the subway there!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 7:30pm
2 hours
Signups: 9 / 15