Getting the best sound for your indie film project!

••Sound is more than 50% of your movie - according to George Lucas. And he should know! Whether it's your fundriaisng campaign video or your short or feature film project, capturing live sound is one of the most important things you need to do well. We all notice bad sound. And it's expensive to fix it in post!  Record sound that you don't have to fix!

This class will educate you as to:

•What to look for in a production sound mixer - don't hire your buddy to hold a boom!

•How to record the sound yourself, if you have to!

•Going through your script to make sure you get some WILD tracks

•Reduce the background noise of your set in order to capture good sound

•What happens if your sound is bad - a little knowledge of post production sound and how to fix it

•What every director needs to know about sound before shooting

Vickie Sampson has been a Superivisng Sound Editor for feature films for over 40 years.  As a writer,director and editor herself ,she has a unique way of approaching sound - from a storyteller's point of view.   Sound is not just a necessary evil. It can give your audience the world of your film, the environment. Dialogue, the basis for almost all films, needs to be heard or your story won't come across to your audience and they will feel frustrated.  Vickie will teach some basics about sound so it isn't a "scary, technical thing!" (Yes, I've heard directors say that to me!)  

In this day and age, there is NO excuse for bad sound in a film or promo anymore!  


Wednesday, June 29, 2016 - 7:30pm
3 hours
Signups: 11 / 12