I'll cover: 

*different platforms and their pro's and cons  

*what goal can your circle hit (how much can you really make)

*what you should be doing before, during and after a campaign

 *rewards, fulfillment and follow up

*press strategy

Bring anything you have ready if you're planning a campaign. This class is good for anyone who thinks they might want to crowdfund something someday, to someone who is ready to press launch tomorrow.


About my crowdfunding credentials: I've run three successful Kickstarter campaigns and advised many more. I've taught workshops on crowdfunding with Kickstarter founder Yancy Strickler and other crowdfunding professionals and occasionally write on crowdfunding for the blog Ms. In the Biz. 





Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - 7:30pm
2 hours
Signups: 6 / 12