WIMP Actor Database workshop w/Sienna Beckman (multiple feature films & YouTube series producer)

*****NOTE: The Writers Store is generously providing a 15% discount on any non-sale items in the store for any WIMP or FilmPowered members who attend this class!*****

Please make sure, if you are a member of the WIMP community, that you have an updated WIMP Actor Database page before this workshop.

Each filmmaking professional leading this workshop is currently working on new projects and actively interested in meeting new talent. The actors attending these workshops are dedicated, hardworking professionals. All participants will exchange knowledge in a safe environment and from equal standing. These workshops will be opportunities for a mutual exchange of information and relationship building and are NOT an audition or guarantee of employment.


A 2-3 page scene of your choosing to perform with a reader. Also feel free to bring a couple questions for the instructor during the Q&A. Make sure to bring a hardcopy of your headshot/resume to leave with the instructor.


Sienna grew up in northern California and loves writing poetry, playing her ukulele and playing with her kittens (shut up, they'll always be kittens...). For work she's a producer who wants to emphasize storytelling and the grimy, flawed beauty that is real life. She strives to meld the Creative with the Industry and collaborate with passionate, high-caliber individuals who are dedicated to their craft. She's currently one of the co-founders of Emergence Films (www.emergencefilms.us), the head of production at the YouTube channel Anna Akana (www.youtube.com/annaakana), and an active member of iWe, a group that promotes gender balance in the industry and focuses on creating an Industry that Works for Everyone (www.iwesummit.com). 

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 10:30am
2 hours
Signups: 5 / 12