WIMP Actor Database workshop w/The Doyenne Collective (Terrah Bennett Smith, Wendy Lungaro, Janis Powell)

Please make sure, if you are a member of the WIMP community, to have an updated WIMP Actor Database page before this workshop. Each filmmaking professional leading this workshop is currently working on new projects and actively interested in meeting new talent. The actors attending these workshops are dedicated, hardworking professionals.

Each actor will have the chance to perform a prepared 2-3 page scene of their choosing to showcase their talent. The filmmaking, casting or talent representation professionals leading this workshop will have time to talk about their experience, perspective and process. All participants will exchange knowledge in a safe environment and from equal standing.

These workshops will be opportunities for a mutual exchange of information and relationship building and are NOT an audition or guarantee of employment.


Our joint venture is called The Doyenne Collective.

The Doyenne Collective is a compilation business. Founders Terrah Bennett Smith, Janis Powell, and Wendy Lungaro came together with their vast knowledge and collective business sense and success. Their “collective” businesses, which include TV, film, music, stage, web production, casting, as well as public relations, promotion, special event planning, and empowerment workshops, are the roots and diverse segments of this firm.

TERRAH BENNETT SMITH - CEO/FOUNDER - ROYAL ONE ENTERTAINMENT a management and production company.Terrah is also a film, stage and TV director/producer, currently completing a - feature film with another film scheduled for production late 2016. She has two television shows in development as well as one musical revue. Terrah understands an actor's challenge as she started behind the camera with Guest-Star, recurring credits on Television, Broadway, Recording Artist on RCA records, and more.

WENDY LUNGARO - Since arriving to L.A from NYC, Wendy also embarked into the field of Talent Manager/Agent currently working with an Agency in Santa Monica. Wendy has mapped out the careers of many professional actors. Because of her keen eye for talent, Wendy is often hired as a casting director for various film projects.

JANIS POWELL - Besides consulting new comers looking to get a leg up in the business, Janis has been a music and acting manager for the past 15 years. She also has a social media/PR Marketing company helping actors with promoting and branding their image.

Saturday, February 20, 2016 - 2:00pm
2 hours
Signups: 9 / 10