Film Powered is a networking and skill sharing site for professional women in the industry.  It is a free, membership based community of over 1,000 vetted women offering classes, social events and job postings designed to increase the skills and strengthen the contacts of and relationships between our members in an effort towards gender parity in our business.

In 2015 I learned coding for Wikipedia in order to increase the representation of women directors and film organizations on that website.  I found this incredibly inspiring, empowering and frankly, stupidly easy.

Many of us have highly useful skills and knowledge and there is no reason we shouldn’t share with one another.  This site has been created to do just that.

All members begin with two credits.  Additional credits can be gained by teaching a class attended by at least five people.  Each time you teach a class you get two more credits.  If you teach a class with more than ten students you get five credits.

If you would like to offer a class you must supply the venue. Please be creative. This could be your home, your office, a coffee shop, a picnic table at a park, etc. Whatever is most conducive to learning the task at hand and whatever you are most comfortable with.

Attending a class “costs” one credit. Attending a social event costs nothing.

If you attend a class please bring whatever the host requests. This could be snacks, beverages or any basic tools you may need to participate in the class. Please do not bail, do arrive on time and know that this site is used exclusively by industry professionals; conduct yourselves accordingly.

“Knowing is half the battle” ladies.  Let’s go kick some doors in!

Jen McGowan