Ask Me Anything (AMA) w/commercial agent Andrew Vosper from Ideal Talent

Ever wanted to pick the brain of an agent? Want to know the real answers to those questions you can't seem to ask your own rep? Here's your chance!!!

I'm hosting a serious brain-picking session with agent Andrew Vosper of Ideal Talent Agency.

It's a Reddit-style AMA: I'll have a list of questions and I'd love you to send me yours in advance too. Andrew has promised to dive deep into topics that are most influential to the success of his company's clients. This will be a highly insightful night for actors, directors, writers and people interested in repping those artists too. 

More on Andrew:

A rising star in the commercial world, Andrew’s passion for commercial representation has distinguished him as one of the top young agents in the field.   Prior to joining Ideal, Andrew was an agent at Trio Talent Agency.   He began in the entertainment industry as an actor, but soon determined that his passions lie not in front of the camera, but in facilitating the careers of artists as part of the business side of the industry as he initially served social media manager for music groups.  He made the transition from the music industry to to working with producers, directors, and actors in TV and film when he joined the production company CRC Entertainment as the assistant to the two heads of the company.  Agenting would prove the exact combination of his various passions:  facilitating actors’ success, getting to work with actors’ with a mastery of their craft, and working in a highly competitive but rewarding industry.   Andrew is a graduate of Indiana University.

The evening will be a casual gathering...meaning bring some wine and snacks to share! We'll meet in the Valley. This is casual so feel free to bring snacks and sips to share. I hope you'll join us!

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 7:00pm
2 hours
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